Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

William Kenneth Natorp
MHS Class of 1963

Mike Chipman
MHS Class of 1965

Al Voorhis
MHS Class of 1944

Greg Elfers
MHS Class of 1970

Les Spaeth
MHS Class of 1942

Richard Schwein
MHS Class of 1955

Priscilla Batsche Ungers
MHS Class of 1973

Distinguished Alumni Award Committees

Executive Committee:

  • Administration Representative(s)
  • Alumni Association Representative(s)
  • Community Representative(s)
  • MHS Athletic Hall of Fame Representative(s)
  • Mason City Schools Public Information Officer

Selection Committee:

  • Administration Representative(s)
  • Faculty/Staff Representative(s)
  • MHS Student Government Representative
  • Alumni Association Representative(s)
  • Mason Historical Society Representative(s)
  • Community Representative(s)
  • MHS Athletic Hall of Fame Representative(s)

For over 125 years, the Mason City School District has been known for its high academic standards, a high caliber staff that meets the needs of each student, unwavering community support, and an enlightened vision which fosters the pursuit of excellence. This dedication created an environment that helped produce many outstanding graduates who have gone on to make significant contributions in society.

It is important that our current students recognize the talents and achievements of our alumni, and for our district to recognize the individual accomplishments and the unique contributions of these individuals to their particular field. The Mason City School District is proud of our academic tradition and the alumni of Mason High School.

About the Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award originated in 2009 and was created to honor MHS alumni who are noted in their field of endeavor or recognized by their peers and others for their expertise and good works. These notable people must have graduated from MHS at least 20 years ago, and must have distinguished themselves through achievement, service, or contributions to society. This annual recognition program is jointly sponsored by the Mason City School District and the Mason Schools Foundation.

Criteria for the Award

The Mason High School Distinguished Alumni have made a unique contribution in one of the following six categories: Arts/Humanities, Business/Industry, Community Service, Education, Public Service, Special Recognition. A person should have received recognition on one or more of the following levels: International, National, Regional, and/or Local. This recognition is a celebration of what the person has accomplished over a period of time.

Nomination Form

The nomination form shall be completed by a person who wishes to nominate a graduate from Mason High School. Only Mason High School graduates are eligible.

Application Form

The person being nominated for this recognition will complete the application form and return it to the selection committee. In the event the applicant is deceased or unable to complete the application, a family member or representative may complete the application form.

Conditions of Eligibility

The Distinguished Alumni Awards shall be open each year to any alumnus/alumnae who graduated from Mason High School no less than 20 years prior to the nomination year. The award must be accepted in person. If the alumnus/alumnae is unable to attend the recognition event, the selection Committee may select a replacement, and the original nominee will be added back into the pool of candidates for a subsequent year. No current member of the Selection Committee may be eligible for an award.

Selection Procedure

A Selection Committee shall receive and review all nominations and select award designees. The committee may request additional, supportive documentation from a nominator. Additional letters of recommendation are not required, but recommended. The selection committee reserves the right to reject any or all nominations and also reserves the right to remove a distinguished alumnus/alumnae should any events unfold after receiving the award that are unbecoming of a distinguished alumnus/alumnae. Individuals nominated for the Distinguished Alumni Award and not chosen will continue to be eligible for two (2) years following the initial nomination process without renomination.

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