2016 MSF Above and Beyond

  • June 28, 2018

Kristen Lazuta, Aimee Hansen, and DeeDee Messer
$200 Each

Annually Mason educators are recognized for going “above and beyond!” Kristen Lazuta used her grant to create a Superhero STEM Station for her 3rd graders. From coding sets to 3-D puzzles, her students used STEM activities to re-energize their superhero thinking power. Aimee Hansen used her grant to purchase monogrammed aprons and new goggles for the Science Olympiad team, which was a big step up from having to borrow lab aprons and goggles from the AP Chemistry classroom. These items were significant in building team identity and helping them earn 2nd place in the nation in 2018. DeeDee Messer purchased a polaroid camera and film which she used to take pictures of students in AP Physics throughout activities and labs. These pictures helped students focus on the journey, not just the outcome, of learning. By allowing the students to take any pictures they wanted, these pictures brought the joy of learning back into the classroom.